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About Us

About Us | Reliant Roofing LLC - Ellsworth, KS

Reliant Roofing is a local Ellsworth, Ks business owned and operated by Shannon Mog. Shannon has over 20 years experience in the roofing industry and takes pride in his work. Not only does Shannon take pride in his business but also the relationships he makes through meeting clients and talking with them one on one. He is always eager to answer questions concerning your home and property. Shannon and his wife Lindsay along with their son August live in Ellsworth, KS and work hard to serve their community along with the surrounding communities.

Reliant Roofing is a roofing contractor located in Ellsworth, KS. They have over 12 years of experience in the industry and are fully licensed and insured. What exactly does it mean to be licensed and insured? Well, being a licensed roofing contractor means that Reliant Roofing has all the qualifications needed to legally provide professional grade roofing services to the public.

Being insured is even better. Why? Well, let’s say for example that Reliant Roofing accidentally causes damage to your property during the course of their work. Reliant Roofing has insurance that can cover the cost of any such damages, resulting in a higher level of trust and confidence in their customer relationships.

So, what can Reliant Roofing do for you? Simply put, they provide the best roofing services in Ellsworth, KS. Whether you need roofing repair, installation, or maintenance, they stay on top of the cutting edge. It doesn’t end there, however. Reliant Roofing can also provide professional gutter services such as gutter repair and installation, and siding services such as siding repair and siding installation.

Reliant Roofing specializes in both metal and shingled roofing services. If you need assistance with new construction, reconstruction, or a leaky roof, Reliant Roofing offers the solution to make it right! Give them a call today if you find yourself in need of any of their professional services.